Ninja Star is a cyclical movement that starts from back plank to reverse plank and back as shown in the above video tutorial.  A variation called “Ninja Bat” starts from straddle bat to reverse plank and then back to straddle bat.


  • Slightly bend the knee to allow your flyer to rotate easier
  • Disconnect your inside hand to allow for the rotation
  • guide flyer to reverse plank by swinging your outside hand like a cowboy throws a lasso rope
  • Common mistakes: bending arms instead of extending/locking out to support flyer in reverse plank, not having enough strength and experience balancing flyer on one leg, and holding hands too tightly during a fall causing the flyer to fall on their head.
  • Prerequisites/Progressions:


  • Heavy straddle (but don’t pike too much) onto base’s pivoting foot
  • Stay tight in the core and lift your head and chest in reverse plank
  • Wait for your base to provide a foot before you shift your weight
  • Common mistakes: not pushing down into base’s hands, not piking the legs coming into straddle bat causing you to fall straight down on your head, and being unclear about the movement
  • Prerequisites/Progressions
    white-belt balance weight in a plank on opposite limbs on the ground.  tripod headstand.
    blue-belt practicing a plank to a straddled plow on the ground (it’s like a windmill in breakdancing
  • black-belt all of the prerequisites listed in the base section


  • Base
    • The best thing you can do is to slightly bend your leg to lower the height of the fall while still engaging your legs and core so it’s not a sudden drop.
  • Flyer
    • Fall to the side and brace with your feet down first immediately followed by your hands.  Roll onto your shoulder and back
  • Spotter:  Do not spot this if you are a beginner or do not understand the transitions!
    • Get low in a squatted position face to face with the flyer in reverse plank, duck under the leg (moving towards where it came from) and then bring a hand to the top leg’s hip (the leg that’s coming at your head)
    • Spot each progression individually and BEWARE the flying feet.  Be completely clear about the transitions you will be spotting.  Be prepared to duck.
    • Common mistakes:  spotter gets kicked in the head when flyer comes with momentum from reverse plank back into straddle bat