Intermediate Entrances/Mounts click
Back Bird Handstand Walkover

Free Bird Running Leap

Straddle Bat Cannonball Mount

Throne Jump Mount

Whale Handstand Walkover

Whale Back Mount

Back Bird Variations
Mercedes Pose

Shoulder Opener

Back Bird to Reverse Bird

back bird to star

Back Bird to Straddle

Back Bird to Whale

Bird to Back Bird

Bird to Low Bird

Bird to Throne

Bird Pop to Throne

Candle/shoulder Stand

candle to folded leaf


Foot to Hand

Folded Leaf to Straddle Bat (Prasarita Twist)

Foot to Sacrum (Kneeling Base)

floating pashi dismount

Floating pashi to back bird

Reverse Candle


Straddle Bat Variations
Baby Bat

Hangle Dangle

Reverse Star Backfloat

Straddle to Couch

straddle to floating pashi

Straddle to Standing (Cartwheel Dismount)

Straddle to Star

Throne pop to bird

Throne to Bird

Throne to Foot to Hand

Throne to Mermaid

Throne to Shin to Foot

Throne to Thinker


Whale to Couch

Whale to Throne

Reverse Back Bird to Whale

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