If you’d like to work with me 1-1 to learn a pose, navigate transitions in your flows, or simply want to practice with an experienced teacher, consider scheduling a personal coaching session with me.

A Unique Approach — I both fly and base so I have an intimate understanding and better appreciation of both perspectives.  My goal is to get you at a competent level both flying and basing so that you can then go practice with other people with confidence.  I believe that you get better with practice and I can certainly leverage your learning by sharing with you helpful tips that I’ve found throughout my years of training.

Many people learn acro through workshops, classes, and jams. Although this is a good choice for some, you may feel a bit stunted or hurried.  If you have to adjust to the pace of fellow students, you’re paying for that wasted time.

Most teachers inherently want their classes to be larger, so they can make more money, but you only get a bite-sized chunk of value from each class. I think that’s a waste of your time and money.

My experience is that if you can figure out one or two distinctions to learning something new, then that’s all you need to go forth and practice.  It depends on your situation of course — everyone is unique — but once you get the basics down I feel it’s largely about just putting in the time.

The truth is you don’t need anyone’s training or permission to just start practicing.  However, some people want that extra encouragement and personal guidance.  I feel great when I can help people open up to trying and successfully learning something new that they previously thought was outside their ability.

In practice, 1-1 coaching works really well for me and my clients. With focused intention, we can zone in on what matters to you — clarifying and identifying the problems and challenges you’re facing, and coming up with solutions and a game plan to help you grow.

The reason I do this versus offer big classes is that this is how I prefer to learn myself.  While I’m glad there are venues for people to acro in large groups, my primarily joy is working 1-1 with a partner who really wants to improve.

Tailored Solutions.

I don’t have a set formula or a rigid set of processes for these sessions. I get the best results by being present and attentive and assessing where each student is. When I’m in that space, meaningful insights and practical solutions are naturally forthcoming.

I’ve put in countless hours of acro with so many different types of people of all different levels and for so long that I feel confident I can help you. I’m very much a natural at this, not only acro but being able to connect how acro relates to personal growth.  I simply notice and articulate the insights my clients need to hear in order to improve their results.  You can view examples of my teaching at http://www.yogidao.wordpress.com/learn

My expertise comes from practice, practice, practice.  I calculate about 1,860 hours of acro between teaching classes, privates, and performances.  I didn’t buy my way into this field by paying for certification programs.  I got good at coaching by coaching people — for free — until I reached the point where I was constantly turning people away because I had more requests than I could handle. At that point it made sense to start charging for it.

My coaching approach is very personal. It generally goes through 3 stages. First, my aim is to make learning fun.  I strongly believe that if you’re having fun learning, you’ll continue to grow.

Second, we talk about your desires. Even if you aren’t sure what you want, I’m good at helping people gain clarity about what they want to experience next.   For example, I have a gallery of over 500 acro poses at http://www.yogidao.wordpress.com/gallery
The possibilities are endless!  This part also generates some excitement as people open up to what is possible for them.

Third, we discuss an acro exercise plan that you can follow. How can you condition your body from where you are now to where you want to be? I don’t rush into this phase because I need to get a good grasp of your personal strengths and lifestyle. A practical solution for one person might be unreasonable for another. Quite often we come up with simple exercises that the other person never even considered.

Best Coaching Situations

Here are the primary areas where I can offer one-on-one coaching:

Transitions. Switching from position to another position with fluidity.

Learning very challenging washing machines. Connecting various transitions and washing machines into flows.

Breaking through fear. Facing fears that hold you back. Building courage.

Offering creative solutions to challenging problems.

Here are some situations where I prefer NOT to do coaching:

People who aren’t ready to grow. My goal is to improve your results and that requires a reasonable commitment from you. If you aren’t ready to plan to meet up or if you have trouble keeping an appointment, then please don’t book a coaching session with me yet.

People seeking free or discounted coaching. Due to the time and energy requirements of one-on-one work, it isn’t practical for me to offer free or discounted sessions. For no-cost help and advice, I provide an abundance of free resources elsewhere on my website, such as the playlist of acro lessons you’ll find in my blog http://www.yogidao.wordpress.com/learn

What to Expect When You Book a Coaching Session

After initiating interest in a session, you’ll receive a request to schedule a session at a time and place that works for both of us.


The current price for coaching sessions is:
$90 for 3 sessions (60mins each)
$90 for 2 sessions (90mins each) or
single session $40/60mins or $60/90mins
credit card payment accepted through paypal

As some previous clients have figured out, my pricing is basically a filter. I set the price so I can predominantly work with clients who have the leverage to create quicker results, i.e. people who are serious about growth and change and who are willing to take action.

I’ve noticed that when people pay for a coaching sessions in advance, they often show up excited ready to learn. But when the help is free, it’s too easy for people to slack off and and no show since their commitment was minimal to begin with. So I’m quite comfortable charging for these sessions even though I used to do them for free because I can see plain as day that the results are better for my clients.

If you wish to book multiple appointments, the same rate applies for each session. Generally I don’t recommend booking more than three appointments in advance. Three should be sufficient. Feel free to book another set of sessions when you feel you need it, but I wouldn’t expect you to need more than three per month.

I’m the kind of coach who wants to see soar. My role is to provide you with intensive short-term help to get you to a competent level, whereafter your momentum can carry you forward.  At that time, you can continue paying for sessions with me until you realize that you can simply go out and practice on your own.

Additional Details

Appointment times. I typically offer coaching every day anytime between 11AM-2PM except Mondays and Thursdays.  If those times don’t work for you, please let me know, and we’ll work something out.

Individuals and schools. Although I prefer private coaching, I am open to teaching/facilitating for groups as well. Some of my clients are program directors and community leaders, so we often practice and discuss how to extend acro to their communities.

Recording sessions. If you wish to record our sessions (for private use or to share with friends), feel free to do so.

Rescheduling. If you need to reschedule the time of your appointment after we’ve set a time for it, please give me at least 24 hours advance notice. If you need to reschedule for another day due to an unexpected emergency, then please give me as much notice as you can preferably two days. I’ll extend you the same courtesy if I need to reschedule for some reason.

Refunds. Due to the time and energy investment required, there are no refunds for coaching sessions after they’ve taken place. However, if you change your mind before and decide that you’d like to cancel your appointment, I can refund your money or transfer the credit to someone else, whichever you prefer.

Subject to Approval. All coaching requests are subject to approval. After our initial session, if I feel that we aren’t a good match for working together, that I wouldn’t likely be of sufficient service to you, or for any other reason, then I may decline your request, and in such cases I will not charge you anything for the initial consultation.

Book a Coaching Session with Dao
512.961.6762 (text or call)
http://www.facebook.com/yogidaodao (message)

Yogidao, http://www.yogidao.wordpress.com. Feel free to share.


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