My name is Dao.  Hi ^_^  I stumbled upon acro at it’s infancy here in Austin.  8-10 people on most Fridays sometimes there were just 5-6.  My first time flying, I was put in a transition from floating pashi to back-fly and at that precise moment I felt suspended, uplifted, free, connected to my body and connected to another person.  It wasn’t an ‘aha!’ moment like this is going to be my life calling but there was something about that particular transition from a closed and bounded posture to an expansive, free float that opened up a door for me.

My needs were met in so many tangible ways. The need for play, variety, connection, and soon, I would find, growth and contribution. I didn’t know then that my life would never be the same but I remember telling myself, “we might be onto something here”, or, at the very least, I knew that I couldn’t wait to come back the following week.
My mission is learn and grow and do my best to help others do the same.  My intention for this website is to help you realize more of yourself and awaken your inner acro super hero.  You can expect friendly, encouraging, and experienced acro coaching in person and through this online resource.  Get acro empowered with Yogidao!

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